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25th September 2021 

Counselling Offered

For most people who come to counselling it is a surprise to discover how easy it is to share your troubles with someone who listens carefully and does not take sides. I can help you find a way forward in your relationship, perhaps towards more sharing and intimacy with better communication.

Couples and individuals (Gay, Lesbian or Straight) of all ages, come for support through the stress of events that happen to all of us

Relationship counselling
I have a great belief in the strength of couple relationships. All relationships hit bad times and sometimes several things happen together so that it is easy to forget how to work as a team.

Psychosexual Therapy

As a qualified Psychosexual Therapist, I can help couples and individuals (Gay, Lesbian or Straight) who are experiencing difficulties with their sex life. Most people go through times when sex becomes less regular, but if this has become the norm you might welcome help to rekindle your sex life.
 I can also help to overcome specific sexual dysfunctions such as Vaginismus or Erectile Dysfunction.

I completed my Diploma in SEX ADDICTION counselling with Paula Hall(ISAT) in 2016 and I am able to offer this service to clients (ATSAC accredited).


All counsellors are required to discuss their casework every month with a supervisor. I am an experienced supervisor (over 10 years experience) and would welcome enquiries from any counsellors who wish to work with me.